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Anca Puiu

CANCELLED - unfortunately, Anca's baby got sick and therefore she cannot make it to Luxembourg...

Anca Puiu (born in 1971) Romanian producer and managing director of Mandragora, one of the most dynamic production companies in Romania. Founded by Cristi Puiu and Anca Puiu in 2004, Mandragora shortly became a successful project generator, starting with its first production, The death of Mr. Lăzărescu, considered the first major film in the so-called "Romanian New Wave" and the spark that ignited a national film renaissance that continues to this day. The value of the movies produced by Mandragora is confirmed by the audience's interest, critics' attention and prizes: The death of Mr. Lăzărescu won "Un Certain Regard" and over 40 national and international other prizes, being one of the most awarded movies in the Romanian cinema, Megatron (which we show on 18/11) won several awards, starting with "Palme d'Or" for short film, Francesca was recognized with the FIPRESCI award (Gijon and Bursa). In Luxembourg, Anca Puiu will present Mandragora's most recent feature film Morgen - four times awarded at Locarno Film Festival 2010 (Special Jury prize, Ecumenical prize, Junior Jury award, International Federation of Film Societies prize).

Discussion at the Cinémathèque on 9/11

Wojciech Smarzowski

Wojciech Smarzowski
(born in 1963) is a Polish writer and director. He studied filmmaking and begun his film career as a video camera operator. In 1998 he directed a TV movie Małżowina and in 2003 a popular TV series Na Wspólnej. The big breakthrough came in 2004 with the The Wedding (at the Festival in Luxembourg in 2008). The movie won six Polish Film Prizes Orzeł in 2005 (among which 'Best director' and 'Best screenplay') and earned special jury mention at the Karlove Vary Festival in 2005. The 2008 The Dark House consolidated Smarzowski's position as one of the most talented directors in Poland ('Best director' and 'Best screenplay' at the 2009 Gdynia Festival). Currently Wojciech Smarzowski is finishing the work on his new movie Róża z Mazur (Rose from Mazury).

Discussion at the CCRN on 10/11

Ferenc Torok

Ferenc Török
Director and screenwriter Ferenc Török (born in 1971) is a prominent figure in the young generation of Hungarian filmmakers. After graduating at the Academy of Drama and Film in film directing and several short works he made his first feature film Moscow Square (2001). This movie became one of the most important cult films in Hungary after the fall of the regime. His second feature Eastern Sugar followed in 2004 with its international premiere at the 57th Locarno IFF. After Moscow Square shown last year, CinEast 2010 offers the third part of his loose trilogy about the winners and losers of the changes - Overnight (2007), as well as his latest remarkable experimental work Pile-up (2009). Ferenc Török is a member of the European Film Academy.

Discussions at the Cinémathèque on 12/11 and at CineAriston on 13/11

Diana Fabianova

Diana Fabiánová
(born in 1979) is a Slovak documentary maker, currently living in Spain. After studying Media Communication and Marketing at the University of Trnava (Slovakia), she graduated at ESCAC (University School of Cinema and Visual Communication of Catalonia) in documentary directing in 2005. In the summer of 2005 she was granted a scholarship which allowed her to participate in an intensive long-term workshop Directing the Documentary at Mallorca. Before the breakthrough documentary The Moon Inside You (released in 2009), she directed short documentaries, such as The Island of Mamen (2005) or One Night Song (2005), and co-directed the film Tonight, Dinner with God (2006). She says that for the time being the documentary fully engages her passion.

Discussion at the CCRN on 17/11

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