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13. 9. 2011 21:31  |  Tina Krajnc  |  tinathezign[at]gmail.com


My name is Tina (friend of Nina Gomolj Makovsek).
I remember last year's festival and I was curious when the festival will take place this year.
So I found out that you are looking for help at the festival. If I can help you, don't hasitate to contact me.

Best regards,
Tina Krajnc
13. 9. 2011 16:52  |  Didier Goossens  |  d.goossens[at]philharmonie.lu
Dear Madam,
Dear Sir,

Watching all the logos on the left side of your site, I miss the Philharmonie Luxembourg logo. As the Tomasz Stanko concert on October 11 is a coproduction of cineast and the Philharmonie (http://www.philharmonie.lu/en/programm/events.php?seite=event_details&id=1996), would you mind adding our logo to your site?

With kind regards,

Didier Goossens
Press & Digital Media Officer
Philharmonie Luxembourg
22. 4. 2011 12:47  |  Anja Sosic  |  anja[at]neweuropefilmsales.com
Dear all,

I would like to recommend the Polish animated feature JEZ JERZY (GEORGE THE HEDGEHOG) for the next edition of your festival. You can watch the trailer on the film's website www.filmjezjerzy.com and read the review in Screen International: http://www.screendaily.com/reviews/latest-reviews/-george-the-hedgehog/5024681.article

Please let me know if you would like to receive a screener.

Best regards and happy Easter wishes,

Anja Sosic
18. 4. 2011 14:22  |  Anja Sosic  |  anja[at]neweuropefilmsales.com
Dear all at Cineast,

I would like to recommend some animation films from Poland for your festival:

"The Lost Town of Switez" by Kamil Polak (short)
"Esterhazy" by Izabela Plucinska (short)
"Jez Jerzy" by Wojtek Wawszczyk (feature)
and "Paths of Hate" by Damian Nenow (short)

Can you please let me know how I can submit them so you can consider them for selection? Thank you!

Best regards,

Anja Sosic
22. 11. 2010 00:43  |  Tanja
Dear CinEast team,

Deep respect to your enthusiasm that gave birth to the new cultural tradition in Luxembourg!Hopefully it will last long and will colour dark autumn evenings with new cine-impressions.

Looking forward to 2011 edition,

11. 11. 2010 21:08  |  festival
Dear Tansel,
Thank you for this offer. We have not considered this option yet but who knows what the future will bring...
CinEast team

8. 11. 2010 23:49  |  tansel  |  tansel[at]tanselgunay.com
Dear all,
Would you think to show some movies from Turkey in the coming years of this festival? I would like to see some Turkish independent movies in this festival as a Turk who lives in Luxembourg.
And i can support you as a volunteer to contact some people from Turkey
Tansel Gunay
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