Many of the recent films and older movies being shown fall into one of the two thematic cycles:



The films in the "Back to the Roots" category address the theme of roots, on either an individual or collective dimension. Some issues reflected upon in the selected works include our origins, the sense of belonging, and returning to one's roots


The following films belong to the cycle "Back to the Roots":

Alois Nebel, Kotlovina, Long Live the Family!, Back To Your Arms, Secret, Rose, Archeo, Angelus, Fear of Falling, Children Watching Night Trains & Tambylles, Gypsy, Au delà des collines/Beyond the Hills, Gulf Stream Under the Iceberg




In line with this theme, there will be an extensive photo exhibition entitled "Back to the Roots". The exhibition gathers the work - about 100 photos - of six artists which will be on display all around the Abbaye de Neumünster during the festival (free entry).



The same theme is also reflected in the festival’s closing event, the concert of Trebunie Tutki & Twinkle Brothers, a unique combination of Polish traditional folk music and Jamaican roots reggae.


The second thematic cycle is "FunnyEast" in which we present a selection of the best comedies from Central and Eastern Europe. Here you will find mostly recent or brand new films, but there are also a few cult classics.


The following films belong to the cycle "FunnyEast":

Kolka Cool, The Parade, Carnage, That's It!, Polski Film, Poligamy, Man, Chicks are Just Different, Hukkle, Somewhere in Palilula, Sexmission, Angelus, Mushrooming, Return of Sergeant Lapins, Up and Down, Letters to Santa, Mission:London, Final Cut-Ladies and Gentlemen



Besides the two thematic cycles, several films fall into the category "East Goes West" which includes works done by Central or Eastern European directors in the west or with western stars.


The following films belong to the category "East Goes West":

Une Estonienne à ParisThe Door, Elles, The Last Yugoslavian Football Team, Carnage, Amadeus, Silent Sonata

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