On the Margin of Society

The thematic cycle "On the Margin of Society" is a collection of films reflecting different aspects and dimensions of the lives of the marginalised - criminals, refugees, minorities, drug addicts, prostitutes, homeless people, the elderly and others, who themselves chose or were forced to live on or outside the margins of mainstream society.


The abundance of such characters in recent film productions does not seem to be motivated purely by the guarantee that "regular" viewers will find these stories interesting and unusual. By depicting those who are "different" and maybe even repulsive at times, film-makers often create a - not always flattering - portrait of the mainstream society and show that there are things to be learnt and reflected upon in the lives of an individual in today's world.

Several of the films from this cycle have been grouped into special evenings - Young & Furious and Use, Abuse, Overdose - and the theme is explored in more depth in the short films marathons.

On the Margin of Society

The following films belong to the cycle "On the Margin of Society":

Eastern Plays, Matchmaking Mayor, Francesca, Lynch, The Christening, Made in Poland, Suicide Room, Dealer, Nothing Personal, Police, Adjective, Katka, Konyec, Adrienn Pál,
If I Want to Whistle, I Whistle, Shelter, Heaven&Hell, Marian, Tender Son
Hanoi-Warsaw, Beast, Father, Stanka Goes Home, It's Gonna Be Alright, Don't Get Me Wrong, The World According to Ion B., Out of the Cycle, Paradise Hotel, Tales, About the Shoes, Roma Boys


To complete this theme, an extensive photo exhibition "Living on the Margin", gathering the works of around ten artists will be on display all around the Abbaye de Neumünster during the festival.

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