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Use, Abuse, Overdose

"Use, Abuse, Overdose"
12 October, 18.30 + 20.30 at Salle Krieps (CCRN)

Special evening offering a closer look at the drugs problem. From a reflection on the need to punish a young occasional smoker of hash to a shocking example of disastrous addiction to hard drugs.

Police, adjective by Corneliu Porumboiu [18.30]

Katka by Helena Třeštíková (documentary), followed by discussion with the director [20.30]

Erotic Night

"Erotic Night"

17 October, 20.30 + 22.00 at Cinémathèque

A rather surprising combination of early silent film eroticism in the form of a cineconcert and a late-night documentary about those with peculiar and painful sexual practices.

Erotikon by Gustav Machatý with live soundtrack by the quartet Icon Orchestra [20.30]

Heaven&Hell by David Čálek (documentary) [22.00]

Young & Furious

"Young & Furious"

19 October, 18.30 + 20.30 at Ciné Ariston

As part of the "On the Margin of Society" cycle, this special evening will be dedicated to the theme of young protesters in conflict with parents and society. But this is much more than an illustration of a social problem - the films are primarily portraits of young people full of energy, sensitivity and dreams, trying to find their way in a world dominated by money and devoid of ideals.

Shelter by Dragomir Sholev [18.30]

Made in Poland by Przemysław Wojcieszek [20.30]

Polanski Scary Night

"Polanski Scary Night"

20 October, 18.30 + 21.00 at Ciné Ariston

Polanski has been widely recognized as one of the undisputed masters of horror and thriller. For this special evening, the festival proposes the combination of his most acclaimed horror film Rosemary's Baby and his latest ‘political' thriller Ghost Writer. More than 30 years separate the two films but the same intensity, the same austerity and a constant back and forth between the real and the imaginary world are on clear display in both.

The Ghostwriter by Roman Polanski [18.30]

Rosemary's Baby by Roman Polanski [20.30]


"Best of" night

23 October, 18.00 + 20.30 at Cinémathèque

On the last day of the festival the audience will have the last chance to discover some of the highlights of the 2011 edition with a selection of shorts (feature, animated, documentary) at 18.00 and the 2011 Grand Prix winner at 20.30.

Best of shorts [18.00] - A selection of short films (feature, animated and documentary), including Tertium non datur by Lucian Pintilie, Hanoi-Warsaw by Katarzyna Klimkiewicz and many more

Grand Prix winner repetition [20.30] - repetition of the film that has won the Grand Prix (announced on 21 October)


Short films marathons

Short films marathonsFour blocks of short films (3-4 hours each) with free snacks and drinks offered during the break.

Short feature films marathon
10 October, 18.30 at CCRN (Dune)

Short documentary films marathon (1)
13 October, 18.30 at CCRN (Dune)

Short animated films marathon
17 October, 18.30 at CCRN (Krieps)

Short documentary films marathon (2) with Marcin Koszalka's retrospective
20 October, 18.30 at CCRN (Dune)

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