East Goes West

The thematic cycle "East Goes West" offers a selection of films shot by directors from Central and Eastern Europe who are or have been successful in Western Europe or the United States.

East Goes West

This series naturally includes works by well-known and widely recognised artists such as Roman Polanski, Miloš Forman, Béla Tarr, Lech Majewski and Agnieszka Holland who work or have worked in the West or with western actors or crews (the latter two will be among the special guests of the festival).

However, it also introduces a few works by a younger generation of directors such as Urszula Antoniak or Konstantin Bojanov, who maintain strong links with their home countries while at the same time becoming increasingly interested in international co-productions and working with international actors.


The following films belong to the cycle "East Goes West":
The Mill and the Cross, Avé, Nothing Personal, The Ghostwriter, Knife in the Water, Taking Off, Loves of a Blonde, Rosemary's Baby, The Man from London, Goya's Ghosts,
In Darkness

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