Films in competition

Adrienn Pál Avé Eighty Letters

Adrienn Pál / Pál Adrienn (HU/FR/AT/NL)
by Ágnes Kocsis

Avé / Аве (BG/FR)
by Konstantin Bojanov

Eighty Letters / Osmdesát dopisù (CZ)
by Václav Kadrnka

If I Want to Whistle I Whistle Suicide Room

The Christening

If I Want to Whistle I Whistle (RO/SE)
by Florin Șerban

Suicide Room / Sala samobójców (PL)
by Jan Komasa

The Christening / Chrzest (PL)
by Marcin Wrona

The House The Mill and the Cross Walking Too Fast

The House / Dom (SK/CZ)
by Zuzana Liová

The Mill and the Cross / M³yn i krzy¿ (PL/SE)
by Lech Majewski

Walking Too Fast / Pouta (CZ/SK/PL)
by Radim Špaèek



Agnieszka Holland Antonio Raul Reis Bady Minck Claude Bertemes Paul Thiltges Gian Maria Tore

Agnieszka Holland
film director (President)


Antonio Raul Reis
film critic (Secretary)


Bady Minck
film director


Claude Bertemes
director of Cinémathèque


Paul Thiltges


Gian Maria Tore
professor at the University of Luxembourg

Agnieszka Holland is one of Poland's
most prominent film directors and screenwriters.
After graduating from Prague Film School (FAMU)
in 1971, she started her film career as
an assistant of Krzysztof Zanussi and
Andrzej Wajda, and gained notoriety as part
of the "Polish New Wave". She collaborated
on many scripts, including Wajda’s “Danton” (1982),
“Korczak” (1990) and Kieslowski’s “Trois couleurs.
Bleu” (1993). Her 1978 feature debute
“Provincial Actors” won the FIPRESCI
prize at Cannes. “Angry Harvest” (1985)
was nominated for the Academy Award and
in 1991 “Europa, Europa” earned even greater
international acclaim (Oscar nomination, Golden Globe).
Other successes followed: “The Secret Garden” (1993),
“Total Eclipse” (1995), “Washington Square” (1997),
and “Julie Walking Home” (2001).
Since 1981 she has lived and worked mostly in
the United States and Western Europe,
although she frequently collaborates with
Polish filmmakers and actors.
She is a member of the European Film Academy.
António Raúl Reis When he was ten years old,
Fred Astaire and James Stewart were his favourite
actors. At the age of 17 he started producing his
first radio show on cinema. Since then, António Raúl
published his film critics and presented several
radio shows both in Luxembourg and Portugal
(Première Portugal, Radio Ara, Bomdia.lu, Público, et al).
Our member of the jury looks up to the Coen brothers
and Todd Solondz and enjoys performing as an extra.
The single film critic writing in Portuguese in
the Grand-Duchy, he has organised two film festivals
to display movies from his home country. Reis is
one of the critics of the “Graffiti” magazine panel
and participates in the main film events in Europe,
from the Cannes film festival to CinEast.
Bady Minck Born in Luxembourg, she works
as an artist, filmmaker and producer in Vienna
and Luxembourg. She studied sculpture at
Vienna's Academy of Fine Arts and experimental
film at the University of Applied Arts. Her films
have been presented in more than 30
retrospectives among the world.
Her first film “The Man with Modern Nerves” (1988)
was invited to Cannes FF and Berlinale and
was purchased by Centre Pompidou Paris
for their Collection of Avantgarde Films.
“In the Beginning Was the Eye”, a collaboration
with researchers for an art-science-transfer,
was premiered at ‘Director’s Fortnight’ at
Cannes FF 2003 and got invitations to over
100 film festivals and won several awards.
In 2009 she was invited as member of
the Orizzonti Jury at the Venice Film Festival.
After working in the field of communication,
Claude Bertemes is since 1997 Director
of the Cinémathèque de la Ville de Luxembourg,
where he launched the fairground cinema project
Crazy Cinématographe in 2007.
He served two terms (2001-2005)
on the Executive Committee of FIAF
(International Federation of Film Archives)
and was FIAF's Deputy Secretary General
from 2003 to 2005. He was member
of the Script Reading Committee
of Luxembourg Film Fund from 1999
to 2008 and since 2010 is member
of the Executive and Artistic Committee
of « Discovery Zone - Luxembourg Film Festival ».
His publications include Back to the Future :
Early Cinema and Late Economy of Attention
(John Libbey Publishing, co-written with Nicole
Dahlen, to be published in October 2011),
Traumhaus, musée du cinéma et ‘digi-cinéphilie’
(Luxembourg 2011, to be published),
L’avant-garde au pays des Belges
(Journal of Film Preservation, Brussels 2010)
and other.
As a co-founder of one of the very first
audiovisual production companies in Luxembourg
(Samsa Film), Paul Thiltges has produced and/or
distributed to date more than 40 feature films,
animated series and documentaries, including
"Megacities" or "Workingman’s Death",
selected by over 40 festivals including Sundance,
Toronto, Locarno and San Sebastian,
or "Kirikou and the Sorceress" which
recorded 1.6 million entries at French box-office
in 1999/2000. In 2000 he was appointed manager
of idPROD, the production entity of IP Luxembourg.
He has regularly been representing the interests
of Luxembourg producers, at the international
level as a board member of several European
programmes including EURO AIM and CARTOON,
as well as at the national level, especially
as President of the Luxembourg
Audiovisual Producers Union (ULPA) since 1996.
Gian Maria Tore est enseignant-chercheur
à l’Université du Luxembourg, où il enseigne
la sémiotique des médias, l’analyse des films,
la sémiotique de l’art.
Il est coéditeur du livre Médias et médiations.
Au Luxembourg (éd. Guy Binsfeld, à paraître
en automne 2011) et travaille à Sémiotique
du cinéma.
L’expérience et la figuration (à paraître 2012).
Il est codirecteur de l’
« Université populaire du cinéma »,
une collaboration permanente entre l’Université
et la Cinémathèque de Luxembourg.
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