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Projet caritatif

“To the children from the Children’s Home Mukachevo” charity project

We are happy to announce that we collected 2920,90 EUR for this charity project during our festival (after recounting by the bank). You can see the smashing of the charity pigs and the result on the following videos.

This sum was rounded up to 3000 EUR by Polska.lu and sent to ADRA's account, so that it can be used in Ukraine.

About the project

A project designed to improve the children’s life conditions in the residential children’s home in Mukachevo (Ukraine). It is a permanent home and a boarding school for over 170 children aged from 5 to 16 years coming from alcoholic or dysfunctional families and from socially deprived homes or with no home.
The cooperation between the NGO ADRA Czech Republic and the children’s home started 2 years ago as a summer camp organized for the children living in this residential establishment by Czech volunteers. This year, the enlarged project goes on with English language classes and financing of reconstruction works on the children’s home.

The home building dates from 1940´s and, apart from some minor repair works, nothing has been changed on its facilities. But, its establisher, the city of Mukachevo, does not dispose of, nor provide financial means for such reparations opportunities. ADRA Czech Republic has therefore decided to help in finding finances in order to repair the most urgent vicesparts of the buildings, especially the roofing.

The goal of this project is to repair subsequently the whole roof  and, thus, to raise the standard of children’s living.

kids from Mukachevo



is an international humanitarian organisation that offers help to people in need worldwide. ADRA helps both in emergency situations (natural disasters, war, conflicts etc.) and in implementing long term developement projects (education, employment and other fields.).  The organisation strives to raise the life and health standards of people regardless of race, sex or religious affilation. Another of it's goals  is to increase awareness amongst children and young people about the problems of developing nations and of development cooperation.

In all the years of its existence ADRA has helped in more than 35 countries worldwide (e.g. Bangladesh, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, India, Cambodia, Kenya, Russia …). In the Czech Republic ADRA operates several volunteer centres and two shelters for asylum seekers. Furthermore, it has a team of psychosocial workers and every year it presents the "Michal Velíšek award" to individiduals having the courage  to help people whose lives were in danger.

Detailed information about the organisation and specific projects: http://www.adra.cz/adra/en/

Information about the Mukachevo project on ADRA's website here.


Mukachevo Children’s Home:
M. Jurij Holish (director)
Phone: + 380 503 723 058 (Ukrainian, Russian, Czech, Slovak)

ADRA Czech Republic
Vendula Macháčková (project coordinator)
Phone: +420 739 458 855
E-mail: vendula.machackova@adra.cz (English, Czech)


Why this project?

First of all, we would like to help people in need and especially those who depend on the help from outside - children. Mukachevo is a Ukrainian town set only around 100 km from the eastern borders of Slovakia, Poland and Hungary (three countries involved in the festival) but the situation there is much more difficult. Therefore we were happy to find a clear trustworthy project organised by a well-known NGO and run by dedicated people. As the entrance to the festival screenings is free, we encourage the festival-goers to make a voluntary donation to support this project. This will help us to give the festival a broader meaning.

What will happen to your contributions?

After the screening of the last film of the festival (Oct. 11, around 21:30, Cinémathèque) both piggy banks will be publicly destroyed and the contributions counted by volunteers. 100 % of the contributions collected will then be sent by bank transfer to ADRA's account and the money will be used directly in Mukachevo by the ADRA coordinators (they will not be sent to local authorities due to the lack of credibility). The ADRA project coordinator will provide invoices and bills (purchase of materials, workers' salaries etc.).

How can you be sure the money is used for the purpose mentioned?

The money transfer evidence as well as the invoices from ADRA will be published on the festival website.

Please note that the collected contributions will not be used for project administration purposes and that the support provided by ADRA does not involve any activity of religious nature.

If you need more information, visit www.adra.cz or contact us.

buildings Mukachevo bedroom Mukachevo roof Mukachevo toilets Mukachevo

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