Just the Wind / Csak a szél (Hungary/Germany/France, 2012)

directed by Bence Fliegauf, drama, 91 min, eng subtitles
written by Bence Fliegauf
with Lajos Sárkány, Katalin Toldi, Gyöngyi Lendvai, György Toldi

Based on a true murder series of Roma in Hungary, the film (fifth feature film of one of his country's most internationally-recognized young directors, Bence Fliegauf) shows a fictional day in the life of a Roma family: Anna, a young teenager who goes to school; her 11-year-old brother Rio who has created a hiding place in an abandoned barn; their mother Mari who works as a cleaner in the neighbouring village; and their grandfather Tomi who has been weakened by a stroke. It's summer. Over the past few months, a gang of "hunters" has been committing racist crimes, attacking gypsy families, burning their homes and killing the inhabitants, where the gypsies are nicknamed "the crows".
The film gives a good idea of how ingrained in popular opinion the hate of Romanies has become in Hungary that no one, perhaps not even those affected, think it strange. Without judging, the film stresses the feeling of being unwelcomed. Suspicious looks, harsh words and obstinate silences that say so much is all Mari and her children receive as soon as they leave their little slum. Even in these terms, happiness is possible and little moments like taking a swim in a lake, flower picking and wandering through the woods are hints that the tension is exterior. Anyway, Mari and her children, are "good gypsies", as the policemen say, and have nothing to fear. Or so it seems...

Berlinale 2012 (The Jury Grand Prix - Silver Bear, Amnesty International Film Prize, Peace Film Prize)
Festival Paris Cinéma 2012 (Jury Prize)

Nominated to represent Hungary at the Oscars 2013