Solar Eclipse / Pod sluncem tma (Czech Republic, 2011)

directed by Martin Mareček , documentary, 81 min, eng subtitles
written by Martin Mareček

Two Czech electricians return to the Zambian village where, five years earlier, they installed solar panels to provide electricity to the school, clinic and several homes. To their dismay, they find their system in complete disarray. Despite their altruistic intentions, they didn't take into account the Zambians' differing ideas about problems and solutions, humanitarianism and gratitude. Mareček's camera acts as an observer following the two men as they try to repair the system and understand the needs of the people they are trying to help. Cultural differences trigger many humorous moments. The film is an unconventional take on the issue of humanitarian aid in remote parts of the world.
Alongside any political questions that it may force viewers to consider, "Solar Eclipse" is memorable for its often striking visuals, from the vivid colours and gaudy decorations of villagers' homes to shots reflecting the kind of pure, total darkness that most of us rarely experience.

Jihlava IDFF 2011 (Best Czech Documentary Film)
Czech Film Critics´ Award (Best Documentary)
Silver Eye Award 2011 (Best Feature-length Documentary)

Followed by a debate with one of the protagonists of the film Tomáš Tožička on the challenges of implementing humanitarian projects.