Honeymoons / Medeni mesec (Serbia / Albania, 2009)

directed by Goran Paskaljeviĉ, drama, 95 min, eng subtitles
written by Goran Paskaljeviĉ and Genc Permeti
with Nebojsa Milovanovic, Jelena Trkulja , Jozef Shiroka, Mirela Naska

This first film co-produced by Albania and Serbia follows the fortunes of two young couples who decide to leave their respective home countries in search of a better life in Western Europe. When the Albanian couple, after all sorts of incidents, arrives in an Italian southern port, their problems start. The same fate awaits the Serbian couple when they by train enter European Union at the Hungarian border.

Followed by the debate "The Western Balkans and the European Union: inevitable reconciliation?" moderated by Jean Arnault Dérens.