The Mole / Kret (Poland, 2011)

directed by Rafael Lewandowski, drama, 108 min, eng subtitles
written by Piotr Borkowski, Bartek Konopka
with Borys Szyc, Marian Dziędziel, Magdalena Czerwińska

Pawel discovers that his father Zygmunt (whom he had always held as a hero of the Solidarity movement) may have concealed a less glorious past, when Zygmunt is accused of having acted as a secret informer for the communist regime.
Their relationship is undermined, and despite the efforts of each other to suppress the ghosts of the past, they will reappear and the family drama will be overshadowed by a political thriller.

"The Polish filmmaker for his first film traces a very strong, but never demonstrative or Manichean diagonal between a family tragedy and a thriller, taking the moral confrontation and its ambiguity from the first and the strength of an anxious narration from the latter. "(Xavier Leherpeur, Studio Ciné Live)

Gdynia FF 2011 (Best Supporting Actor)
Montreal World Film Festival 2011 (Best Actor)
Arras FF 2011 (Audience Award)