Angelus (Poland, 2001)

directed by Lech Majewski, comedy, 106 min, fr subtitles
written by Bronisław Maj, Ireneusz Siwiński, Lech Majewski
with Jan Siodlaczek, Jacenty Jędrusik, Andrzej Mastalerz

Angelus is a poetic, metaphysical but at the same time hilarious comedy from the winning director of the 2011 CinEast Grand Prix, Lech Majewski. A bunch of coal miners-occultists are firmly convinced that saving the world rests on their shoulders, and the funniest part of all is that this is based on a true story.
"A young male virgin has to be sacrificed. This is the belief of a group of working class mystics and painters bent on saving the world. On the Eve of WW II their Master, a mysterious Rosicrucian warns them of three imminent omens of destruction - and thus begins a tale in which the 20th century is retold in scenes inspired by the naive paintings of the working class aristocracy - the coalminers. Primitive metaphysics mix with the harsh reality of the Stalinist period in Silesia" (Lech Majewski)

Polish Film Awards (Eagles) 2002 (Best Film, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Cinematography)