Man, Chicks Are Just Different! / Baby są jakieś inne (Poland, 2011)

directed by Marek Koterski, comedy, 94 min, eng subtitles
written by Marek Koterski
with Robert Więckiewicz, Adam Woronowicz

A nighttime ride with a couple of chauvinists who think that feminism is just about certain troublemakers not getting enough (i.e. sex). But the guys have a lot more on their minds and they're unlikely to leave any stone unturned when it comes to women. No matter how many stereotypical memes slip from the protagonists' lips in this dynamic conversational game, it isn't women who end up the cinematic losers. Ultimately, the men are so desperate they no longer even find sexist jokes funny. They are the poor beggars here, betraying their own shortcomings in biased monologues; and with each additional sneer, they earn one in return from the audience. And this is no movie to shy away from direct confrontation with viewers, who are forced to take stock of the stereotypical thinking in their own thought processes. Although the men in the film seem to talk of nothing else, always finding new pretexts for criticizing the female sex, the picture maintains a high standard of humor and even of variety, something unexpected from a dialogue-based movie.