Cinéconcert SzaZa plays Polanski (Poland, 1955)

directed by Roman Polanski, short feature films, 80 min, eng subtitles

The duo « SzaZa » provides live soundtrack to the almost complete set of short films of Roman Polanski, made before he left Poland. The musicians use various instruments - violon, percussions, clarinet, mandoline, mbira... - to accompany these sketches with no spoken language, sometimes funny, sometimes scary, always a bit crazy.

Featured films :

A Murder / Morderstwo (1955)
Break Up the Dance / Rozbijemy zabawę (1957)
A Toothful Smile / Uśmiech zębiczny (1957)
Two Men and a Wardrobe / Dwaj ludzie z szafą (1958)
The Lamp / Lampa (1959)
When Angels Fall / Gdy spadają anioły (1959)
Mammals / Ssaki (1961) [sans musique]