Short feature films marathon (I)

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Frozen Stories / Opowiesci z chlodni by Grzegorz Jaroszuk (PL 2011, 27 min) web trailer
A grotesque tale about the young girl and boy who work at the same supermarket. As the worst employees of the supermarket they have been ordered to find a purpose of their lives and in just two days start a better, brand new life. All of the sudden a popular television show aims to help them to complete the task.

Are you feeling good? by Matúš I. Krajňák (SK 2011, 11 min) web trailer
The film captures one day in the life of a man who made a lot of mistakes in his time. Now he tries to make up for at least one of them.

The Dawn / Úsvit by György Kristóf (CZ 2011, 17 min) web
The time has come for two sisters that have not seen each other in a long time to revisit the places of their childhood and deal with their past and future.

Boo! / Muka by Kordian Kądziela (PL 2012, 27 min) web trailer
Josef is a forty year old man who hasn't got many reasons to greet every morning with a smile on his face. He has had as many women in his life as friends that is none. His living space, consisting of his working place (a small cabin on parking) and a room in his mother's flat, is no bigger than three share meters. The situation gets more complicated when, one day, he gets arrested by two strangers in unfashionable suits. „Boo!" is a bittersweet story, loosely based on Franz Kafka's novel „The trial".

The Creation of the World / Stvoření světa by Vít Poláček (CZ 2011, 15 min)
There is unity, which forgoes each diversity, because number one is before number two, and this is principle of each diversity. The diversity is always told for two (Thierry of Chartres, De Sex Dierum Operibus, 12th century). If God created man according to his vision, he did not do so in a visual way, rather he gave him the ability to create. A micro-story of a family in one day.

Through glass / Przez szybe by Igor Chojna (PL 2009, 15 min) web trailer
A young man arrives late for his aunt's funeral, in a tiny village in central Poland. He's confronted by a number of women, who challenge his presence, as he is the only outsider that has interrupted the life this hermetic community. After he misses his last bus he is forced to stay for the night.

Priceless by Heigo Lepla (ET 2011, 23 min) trailer
A late visit to an office building suddenly takes an unexpected turn, involving physical conflict, police and a legendary rockstar.

Sterile Zone / Sterilā zona by Lauma Balode (Latvia 2012, 25 min) trailer
Kristaps is a medicine student. His father was a great surgeon. Kristaps wants to become a surgeon as well, but in one of his first operations he faints... Film is a tragicomic story about dreams and ways to reach them; it is about belief in ourselves and sometimes about a struggle, legends of family and ability to change ourselves.

White Square / Белый квадрат by Ivan Pavljutskov (ET 2012, 17 min)
Zakhar is desperately trying to play hide and seek with the other countryside boys. The situation changes, however, after Zakhar meets the mysterious Sasha...¨

Ten Reasons / Dešimt priežasčių by Andrius Blaževičius (LT 2011, 30 min) web trailer
Vytas is a resident of a blocked houses quarter and he is just as dull as his neighborhood. Though the young guy is over his twenties, he still lives with his parents - spending their days watching TV. Vytas' girlfriend Ona is a bit different - she is independent, knows her likes and dislikes, has some friends - one of which she starts seeing more and more often. This leaves no sunshine in Vytas life at all and makes him wander for the truth in the maze of the blocked houses quarter.