Long Live the Family! / Rodina je základ státu (Czech Republic, 2011)

directed by Robert Sedláček, drama/road movie, 90 min, eng subtitles
written by Robert Sedláček
with Igor Chmela, Eva Vrbková, Simona Babčáková, Jan Budař

Libor, a senior bank manager, has been caught in a trap of financial skulduggery and is facing prison. Just one day remains for him to make a choice: answer for his decisions and cooperate with the investigators or run away? So, he sets up an escape with his wife and children through the countryside. They have no idea what lies behind this "family trip". This flight from justice becomes a path to seek out lost relationships, not just among the ´escapees´ but also their former university classmates, who they meet by pure chance and who live their ´humdrum´ lives in a regional town. After a while, the police get a tip about the family's whereabouts and the pace of a true drama picks up speed. An off-beat road movie, where the fate of one family actually shows a contemporary picture of our society.

Czech Critics Award 2011 (Best Film, Director, Script and Supporting Actress)