Kolka Cool (Latvia, 2011)

directed by Juris Poškus, comedy, 92 min, eng subtitles
written by Juris Poškus
with Iveta Pole, Artuss Kaimiņš, Andris Keišs, Aigars Apinis

The film depicts the mentality of the inhabitants of a small village on the Baltic coast. Almost thirty but still living with their mothers, three friends spend their days drinking beer, killing time and picking fights with the neighbouring village.

One of them - Andzha - is about to get married. Being busy with "settling his life", he doesn't notice that his fiancé Simona starts to doubt her feelings. When his elder brother Guido returns from the sea, the brothers have to adapt again to living under the same roof. Meanwhile his marriage plans fail. The brothers overcome their antagonism when they discover their illusions about their up-coming marriage and women in general.

Taking the form of a comedy of manners, the film aims to portray life as a series of unrelated events, where protagonists see the quest for romantic love as a source for meaning to their lives.

"It is a movie about the inner emptiness and uncertainty in dealing with life, a perfect metaphor for life. The black and white photography makes this effect even stronger", says Viktors Freibergs, a well-known Latvian film critic and theorist.



Latvian National Film Festival 'Lielais Kristaps' 2012 (Best Actress)
Latvian National Film Festival 'Lielais Kristaps' 2012 (Best Supporting Actor)


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