Made in Ash / Až do mesta Aš (Slovakia/Czech Republic, 2012)

directed by Iveta Grófová, social drama, 80 min, eng subtitles
written by Iveta Grófová, Marek Leščák
with Dorotka Billá, Silvia Halušicová, Robin Horký, Jarka Bušincová

After graduating from high school, a Romani girl called Dorotka leaves her native Slovakia to find work in the Czech border town of Aš. Upon arriving, she is immediately confronted with a world of jaded seamstresses all awaiting the arrival of their German princes. The film authentically depicts the mundane surroundings that Dorotka quickly becomes a part of and also reflects the girls' motives towards making harsh, life altering decisions, which can seem immoral when looked at simply from the surface.
A raw debut shot in a convincing documentary style confronts us with grim reality and situations that few of us would like to experience firsthand. Film premiered at Karlovy Vary IFF this summer.

"Iveta Grófová directs with a gritty sense of authenticity, using mainly non-actors set against a rarely seen backdrop of the harsh reality of life in these tough border towns. Made In Ash is an uncompromising but highly watchable film, and marks Grofova out as a talent to watch." (Mark Adams,

Karlovy Vary IFF 2012 (East of the West competition)
Nominated to represent Slovakia at the Oscars 2013

in presence of the director