Short Documentary Films Marathon (1)

220 min, eng subtitles

3 Weddings: Bernadett & Sanju / 3 esküvő: Bernadett és Sanju by Viktor Oszkár Nagy (HU 2010, 26 min) web

Love through the Internet. A fairy tale about an adventurous marriage connecting three continents. Is a 2 month-old internet acquaintance enough to know that she/he is Mr/Mrs Right? A Bollywood-like story about a marriage of a Hungarian girl and a guy from India.

The World according to Ion B. / Lumea văzută de Ion B. by Alexander Nanau (RO 2009, 60 min)  web trailer director

The film follows the real life dream of any man living on the streets: to one day become famous and leave behind a life of poverty, misery and humiliation. Ion Bârlădeanu is on his way to becoming an important contemporary artist, but in May 2008 he was still an anonymous tramp on the streets of Bucharest.

It's Gonna Be Alright / Bude dobre by Dana Kojnoková (SK 2010, 24 min)  web

This documentary captures the destiny of two homeless people, it focuses on the issues of people living on the edge of society. Each with a different fate or destiny, motivations and different nature, but with a common goal to get out of the vicious circle. The open ending of the documentary evokes an endless continuity of the vicious circle they are caught up in.

Don't get me wrong / Nu te supăra, dar
by Adina Pintilie (RO 2007, 50 min)  web interview trailer director

"How do you stop the rain?" one of the patients in a psychiatric hospital in Romania repeatedly asks another patient. The latter explains that he is in close touch with God and that he is a supernatural being. But his inquiring friend is not easily convinced. Both men suffer from schizophrenia and spend their days in the clinic, endlessly repeating the same discussions. Other patients busy themselves by compulsively moving pebbles, staring at liquid light projections on the wall, or patiently caring for fellow inmates. Without comment, the camera registers everything, pausing at the details. Almost every shot looks like a photograph, with deep contrasts. On the soundtrack, we constantly hear the moving of pebbles, the bustle of the occupants and the lingering discussion between the two men about whether or not God exists. The nursing staff is kept out of the film. Don't Get Me Wrong shows only the patients, in all their vulnerability.

Tales / Приказки by Nikolai Vassilev (BG 2009, 27 min)

For 15 years, Hristo, a former miner, has been giving refuge to orphans from all over Bulgaria. Once they reach the age of majority they need basic skills in order to survive and make their own living. Tales is a story about snails and dreams, abandoned graveyards and love, landfills and hopes.