Short feature movies

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Trafic (Romania 2004)

directed by Cătălin Mitulescu, short drama, 15 min, eng subtitles

with Bogdan Dumitrache, Maria Dinulescu, Andi Vasluianu, Simina Siminie, Ana Bart,  Smaranda Ciceu, Eva Dan




An unexpected delay leads to a brief encounter between two people in this short drama from filmmaker Cătălin Mitulescu. A businessman is trying to make his way across town for a meeting when he gets caught in a traffic jam. The man already has plenty on his mind after learning his young daughter has fallen ill, and his mood is growing sour when he spies an attractive woman in her early twenties selling soft drinks to the drivers waiting for traffic to clear. The businessman impulsively asks the soda girl out for coffee, and they briefly get to know each other while he waits for his day to start up again. Trafic won the Palm d'Or for Best Short Film at the 2004 Cannes Film Festival.


Cannes FF 2004 (Golden Palm)


O zi buna de plaja / A good day for a swim (Romania 2007)

directed by Bogdan Mustață, short drama, 10 min, eng subtitles

with Florin Sinescu, Okan Kaya, George Hoffman, Cerasela Iosifescu, Marian Ghenea



It's early in the morning and a 36 years old prostitute is waiting at a crossroad for the next client. A van stops and she's pulled inside. The vehicle descends on a deserted beach and three wild boys start playing adult power games.

"The film asks questions with no solution". (Berlin the International Shorts Jury).


Berlin IFF 2008 (Golden Bear)
Palm Springs IFF 2008 (Panavision Grand Jury Award and Best Live Action Short Under 15 Minutes)

UCIN (The Romanian Filmmakers Union) 2007 (Best Short Film and UCIN Trophy For The Best Film Of The Year)


Marilena de la P7 / Marilena from P7 (Romania 2006)

directed by Cristian Nemescu, short drama, 45 min, eng subtitles

with Aura Călărașu, Mădălina Ghițescu, Gabriel Huian, Cristi Olesher, Gabriel Spahiu, Andi Vasluianu




Andrei, a 13 year old teenager, living in the outskirts of Bucharest, one day decides to steal a trolleybus in order to impress Marilena, a prostitute he fell in love with. Things you do for love...

"Besides telling the story, the film also makes a cross-section of the life in the suburbs of Bucharest at the beginning of the 21st century, with no intervention whatsoever on most of the locations and extras. The handheld camera shooting style offers the opportunity to capture details and genuine background elements that enforce the "documentary" atmosphere of the movie.

"It's a film about feelings and not about the Romanian reality. What was important and innovative for me was to concentrate on the feelings of a teenager, his problems and his understanding of the world around him."

Cristian Nemescu


Milan FF 2006 (Best Feature Film)

Transylvania IFF 2006 (Best Romanian Film)


Megatron (Romania 2008)

directed by Marian Crișan, short drama, 14 min, eng subtiles

with Maxim Adrian Strinu, Gabriela Crișu, Damian Oancea, Erwin Simsensohn



Megatron tells the story of Maxim, an 8 year old boy living with his mother in a village near Bucharest. For his birthday, Maxim's mother will take him to the capital city, to McDonalds. But what the boy wants most is to meet his father who lives in Bucharest.


Cannes FF 2008 (Golden Palm for Best Short Film)

Stockholm FF 2008 (Best Short Film)


Jutro mnie tu nie będzie / Tomorrow I Will Not Be Here (Poland 2010)

directed by Julia Kolberger, short movie, 28 min, eng subtitles

web (PL only)

Marta, 30 years old, has enough of living with her mother. A study of toxic relationships in the modern family.