Documentary evening: Jan Saudek (Czech Republic/USA, 2007)

directed by Adolf Zika, documentary, 93 min, eng subtitles




Saudek's work

The film provides a personally truthful yet harsh life story of a hero and dropout. The world-renowned photographer, winning international awards and being exhibited abroad long before he had gained recognition in his native country, appears in many roles before the camera. Often changing them, he surprises or even shocks. Nevertheless, even the best illusionist is incapable of hiding from three cameras and the unmerciful eye of the director. War, suffering, losses, blind love, dreams of a family, the intangible glory of fame, poverty, condemnation, lack of appreciation counterbalanced by wealth and sky-high freedom in the unstoppable aging process. This and much more is portrayed in this riveting documentary
"The true spirit of an individual whose talent influences history often remains unexplained. The exceptionality of their legacy goes hand in hand with the ways they differ from ordinary mortals. Often in direct contact we don't understand them despite the fact they have entertained millions of people. This film is my personal view into the spirit of a revolutionary photographer and remarkable person. Although it's perhaps only one view out of a thousand, it made sense to try." (the director's note)


EUROFEST Montreal 2008 (Glass Eye Award for Best Documentary Film)

shown at Seoul IFF, Rhode Island IFF, Krakow FF, Moving Image FF Toronto etc.