Zew wolności / Beats of Freedom (Poland, 2010)

directed by Leszek Gnoiński and Wojciech Słota, music documentary, 75 min, eng subtitles

starring: Polish rock groups from the early 80's




Beats of Freedom tells the story of the end of the communism as seen through the eyes of the members of rock groups active in the early 80's - and all this in the rhythm of the good old rock tunes.

Today it's hard to imagine how popular these groups were: in the times of crisis, where all the media were controlled by the communist party, listening to independent rock music and going to underground concerts was a kind of political manifest and required a lot of courage. The same for the young musicians: founding a group was seen as anarchy against the system and could lead to repressions.

The movie shows not only the musicians, who share with the audience their memories, but also "average" young people, filmed at the rock festival in Jarocin, who speak about their longing for freedom of expression. One girl, about 18 at that time, says: This music is all we have left.

Today we know that it was not anarchy, it was a way to freedom.

The film features many rock stars, some of which became real dinosaurs, still performing 30 years after...and still enjoying huge popularity.

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