Na samym dnie / Deep End (Poland/USA/UK/BRD , 1971)

directed by Jerzy Skolimowski, drama, 90 min, English version, fr subtitles

with Jane Asher, John Moulder-Brown / Music: Cat Stevens



Deep End is Jerzy Skolimowski's third movie following his emigration from Poland. The story is set in a public baths in London. Young and innocent Mike falls in love with Susan, a colleague, who doesn't take him seriously. She is more interested in flirting with elderly, experienced men, but amuses herself by playing with Mike's feelings.  Even though other women coming to the baths try to seduce Mike, he remains obsessed with Susan. The situation becomes more and more unbearable and culminates in tragedy.

Deep End shows a bitter side to Jerzy Skolimowski, who seems have lost all illusions about life in Western Europe. Mike is looking for true love, but all he encounters is prostitution, superficial feelings and a class-riddled society that is frustrated and built on lies. London is anything but a paradise.


Shown at Venice IFF 1971