Rewers / Reverse (Poland, 2009)

directed by Borys Lankosz, drama, 99 min, eng subtitles

with Agata Buzek, Krystyna Janda, Anna Polony, Marcin Dorociński


trailer1 (PL only)

trailer2 (PL only)


The film shows literary in black and white the grey life in the post-war, Stalinist Warsaw. We are in the early '50. After the 2nd World War many people's beliefs, behaviours and lifestyle undergo a quick revolution. Uncertain political situation, fear and mysterious, almighty people - everything contributes to the atmosphere of suspense. Three delicate women - Sabina, her mother and grandmother - have to deal with a potentially absurd situation which in the instable reality may reveal to be very dangerous. Whom can you trust and whom not? Faced with a matter of life and death the ladies have to find in themselves supernatural powers...

Love, betrayal, murder and ... the Devil - this brilliant, a bit oldschool debut by Borys Lankosz doesn't lack anything!


Gdynia Film Festival 2009 (Golden Lion (Best Film), Male & Female Role, Music)

Warsaw Film Festival (FIPRESCI Award)

Camerimage Festival (Bronze Frog for Camera)

Polish candidate for Oscar 2010