Osadné (Slovakia/CZ, 2009)

directed by Marko Škop, documentary, 65 min, eng subtitles

with Ladislav Mikuláško, Peter Soroka, Fedor Vico




The document-toury-movie by Marko Škop focuses on a small village that is situated on the Eastern border of Slovakia, and thus of the EU. Its mayor and orthodox priest "touch" the world of the top European politics.

The mayor of Osadné is a political record-holder. He has held the position of the village boss for thirty-six years. The Orthodox priest has buried fifty people and christened two children over the past five years. The mayor and the priest have decided to fight for the survival of the village, together with their wives who are their important shadow advisors... As both of them know that the village's future could lie in tourism, they ask the PR manager of the Ruthenian Revival Movement, Fedor Vico, to help them in promotion of the village. This politician, with a sense of humour worthy of Don Quixote, manages to draw a visitor from the highest level in Brussels to Osadné. The Slovak Member of the European Parliament is touched by the situation in the village and he invites the local politicians to Brussels. During their trip from the "edge of Europe" to the "centre of the European Babel" the heroes from Osadné sightsee and comment on the huge spaces in the Parliament, they visit the meeting room for 785 Members of Parliament and - especially - they meet elite European politicians who they make familiar with their new projects...


Karlovy Vary IFF 2009 (Best Documentary Film)

Krakow IFF 2010 (Honourable Mention)

goEast FF Wiesbaden 2010 (Reinhard Kämpf  Memorial Prize)

BFI London FF 2009 (Grierson Award Nominee)

One World Film Festival Bratislava 2009 (Audience Award)