Overnight (Hungary/DE, 2007)

directed by Ferenc Török, drama, 92 min, eng subtitles

with Viktor Bodó, Enikö Eszenyi, Vilmos Vajdai


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Overnight is the third and final film of Török's trilogy about the fall of the socialist regime in Hungary. It is the dramatic story of 24 hours in the life of a Hungarian stockbroker, Peter, whose private and professional life undergoes serious questioning. One of Peter's big clients suddenly claims a large amount of money that Peter had lost, while he receives a positive pregnancy test anonymously. These two situations cause upheaval in Peter's view of the world.

This film isn't particularly about Hungary; it is more about a globalized world. As the stock exchanges in Budapest, Berlin and Mumbai open and close at different times, time and money can be won and lost in this speculatory gambling of stocks. Instead of showing a social drama, Ferenc Török observes the psychological pressure on business people. Overnight is a visually outstanding portrait of the stock market and the people dependent on it.


Hungarian Film Week 2008 (Best Visual Design)

Berdyansk IFF 2009 (Best Supporting Actress)