Üvegtigris / Glass Tiger (Hungary, 2001)

directed by Iván Kapitány and Péter Rudolf, comedy, 100 min, eng subtitles

with Péter Rudolf, Gábor Reviczky, Imre Csuja, Sándor Gáspár, József Szarvas

web (HU only)


This film tells the story of a few uneventful days in the life of six pals. Lali, a great fan of America, owns a sandwich stand on the side of the road, called The Glass Tiger. Gaben steals cars; Fox is a petty swindler; Sanyi a half-wit homelessman; Coco can't shut up about getting some dough and going to America; Slimmy is forever playing the saxophone, despite the others' frayed nerves. Gaben talks Lali into buying an old Chevrolet Impala, the real American dream.

After the long escapade of getting the car, Lali doesn't even get the chance to try the Chevvy out, because a truck completely demolishes it. Fox in the meantime is looking excitedly for the "Wreck", which he has been trying to sell for big money. But Lali has sold what he thought to be scrap, not good for anything. Fox is threatened by some tough guys to bring it back or pay up. He has to get money at all costs. Coco can think of only one solution. They have to rob the nearby bank. They all get into a car, but the big heist does not work out perfectly.

The movie built an enormous fan base and attacked the "cult" status in Hungary, with quotes of the characters used as widely known catch phrases.