Protektor / Protector (Czech Republic, 2009)

directed by Marek Najbrt, drama, 98 min, eng subtitles

with Jana Plodková, Marek Daniel, Klára Melíšková




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trailer (CZ only)


soundtrack by Midi Lidi (free download)

A radio reporter Emil Vrbata and an actress Hana are married. It's the year 1938. Attractive Hana lands her first big success in film, admirers flocking around her. Emil is jealous. The German occupation and the beginning of the war turn their lives upside down. Hana is confronted with her Jewish heritage. From the high hopes of a star at the start of their career, she falls to the bottom of society's ladder. Emil, on the other hand, is promoted at the radio station and becomes the voice of Reich propaganda, a celebrity. He seizes on this chance to protect Hana and, at the same time, take control of her life. He refuses a divorce and, in the interest of Hana's safety, continues in their "racially mixed marriage". Emil's pact with the devil, however, levies its own tax. Emil's self-respect cracks, his love for Hana changes into its own "Protectorate". Their marriage twists into a state of indifference. And fate has laid a trap for Emil. One morning, running late to work from the arms of a lover, he steals an abandoned bicycle on the street. Little does he know the radio is already buzzing with startling news: "In Prague an attempt was made to assassinate Reich Deputy Protector Reinhard Heydrich. One of the suspects escaped on a bicycle..." Emil's unfortunate encounter with the seemingly banal object of the bicycle propels him on a frantic journey for forgiveness in the eyes of his wife, whom he realizes he has always loved...


Czech Lions 2010 (Best Film, Best Director, Best Script, Best Editing, Best Actress, Best Music)

Off Plus Kamera Krakow 2010 (Main Award)

Starz Denver FF 2009 (Krzystof Kieslowski Award for Best Feature Film)

Febiofest 2010 (Kristian Award - Film Critics´ Award)