Nevěrné hry / Faithless Games (Czech Republic, 2003)

directed by Michaela Pavlátová, drama, 93 min, eng subtitles

with Zuzana Stivínová, Peter Bebjak, Jana Hubinská, Vlado Hajdu



trailer2 (CZ only)


A chamber piece about love, unfaithfulness, human failings and finding one's self. Eva, a pianist, has followed her Slovak husband, Peter, a composer as well as a musician, to a small village near the Slovak-Hungarian border. Peter finds the environment peaceful for his composing. Eva, on the other hand, has a difficult time finding work as a performer and feels rootless, far from her family and friends in Prague. Is the deep love they once felt for each other hardening into resigned acceptance of one another? Solitude, indecision, inability to adapt in a relationship or, alternatively, too much adaptability: these are the states one goes through on the way to satisfaction - with life, with partners, with one's self. 


San Sebastian IFF 2003 (Honourable Mention)

Cottbus IFF 2003 (FICC Don Quijote Award)

Finále Plzeň 2004 (Best Film)

WorldFest Houston 2004 (Special Prize of the Jury)