Pescuit sportiv / Picnic (Romania/FR, 2008)

directed by Adrian Sitaru, drama, 84 min, fr subtitles

with Adrian Titieni, Ioana Flora, Maria Dinulescu, Alexandru Georgescu, Sorin Vasilescu, Nicodim Ungureanu


trailer (fr subs)

trailer2 (eng subs)


"Don't panic, it's just a picnic," runs the film's tagline. It's precisely a Sunday picnic that seems like the best way for Mihai and Sweetie to spend some quality time together and take their relationship to a new level. But a series of odd and unexpected events-namely running over prostitute, Ana, lying in the road-quickly turn this idyllic weekend getaway into the strangest day of their lives.

"I think I have always been interested in human behaviour and relationships. Unlike other species we have an absurd and self-destructive kind of behaviour. It seems to me that we are the only species that can destroy itself with pleasure."(Adrian Sitaru)


Palm Springs International Film Festival 2009 (New Voices/New Visions Grand Jury Prize)

Ourense Independent Film Festival 2009 (Grand Prize)

Mons International Festival of Love Films 2009 (Best Screenplay)

Thessaloniki Film Festival 2008 (Best Actress Maria Dinulescu tied with Ioana Flora, Silver Alexander Special Jury Award)