Pravidla lži / Rules of Lies (Czech Republic, 2006)

directed by Robert Sedláček, drama, 115 min, eng subtitles

with Jiří Langmajer, David Švehlík, Klára Issová, Jan Budař


trailer (CZ only)


33-year-old Roman decides to tackle his drug addiction by undergoing group therapy as part of a community holed up on an isolated farm in the Šumava mountains. Eleven people, men and women of varying ages and social status, voluntarily subject themselves to a tough regime under the supervision of three therapists. Many of them have stared death in the face already - overdoses, suicide attempts, and aggression heightened by the use of hard drugs, outwardly affecting even the strongest of them. Each brings something of his past into the group, which he has to experience again, both for himself and for those assembled. Past anguish, wrongs and guilt give rise to new problems: in this thickening atmosphere of suspicion and lies, who can still be trusted?

This intimate psychological drama deliberately sets out to break up the tight narrative form through retrospectives in which we learn about the past life of each individual. The director studied the environment of a similar group in Němčice in South Bohemia, the subject of his documentary Long Hangover (2003).


Czech Lions 2006 (Best Screenplay)

Movies Critics´ Award Czech Republic 2006

Finale Plzen 2007 (Audience Award for Best Film)

Association of Czech Film Clubs Award 2006 (the most artistically enterprising film)

Febiofest 2007 (Kristian Award - Critics´ Award)

Lubiskie Film Summer 2007 (Film Club Award)