Wojna polsko-ruska / Snow White and Russian Red * (Poland, 2009)

directed by Xawery 真豉wski, tragicomedy, 108 min, eng subtitles


An adaptation of the bestselling novel by Dorota Mas這wska (who also appears in the film, Wojna polsko-ruska - the same as the book - divided the Polish critics and public. Seen by some as the Polish version of Trainspotting, 真豉wski's film is clearly different from any other movie produced by Polish cinema after 1989.

Both hilarious and engrossing, Wojna polsko -ruska tells a story of Silny, a product of the post-communist era in the 21st century.

Silny doesn't get on well with his girlfriend Magda. Their love is a constant battle. When he's told in a bar, that Magda has left him for a local bonzo, Silny, full of anger and sorrow, takes the audience on a crazy trip. In his company we meet extravagant women: And瞠la - a sensitive goth/emo; Natasza - a barszcz sniffing junkie; Ala - a pseudoreligious seducer...and Dorota Mas這wska herself in the role of a policewoman.

And of course there is Magda. Always Magda. Can Silny win her back?

The outstanding performance by Borys Szyc, an unforgettable Maria Strzelecka, Sonia Bohosiewicz and Roma G零iorowska - Wojna polsko-ruska is an absolute must for anyone wishing to learn something real about Poland in AD 2009, even if some of us might disagree with this chaotic, brave and non-conformist picture.

The screening will be followed by a discussion with the director Xawery 真豉wski and the actress Maria Strzelecka


Gdynia Film Festival 2009 (Silver Lion and Best Actor for Borys Szyc)

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