Mała Moskwa / Little Moscow (Poland, 2008)

directed by Waldemar Krzystek, drama, 120 min, eng subtitles


One of the biggest Polish productions in recent years with an international cast, Mała Moskwa is a chronicle of a tragic love. The movie tells a story based on Waldemar Krzystek's memories from his place of birth, Legnica, headquarters for the Soviet forces stationed in Poland from 1945 until 1990. In the late sixties, a Russian commander, Jura, accompanied by his beautiful wife, Wiera, enter Legnica, also known as little Moscow. Wiera learns Polish and becomes fascinated with Polish music and poetry. Then Wiera falls for Michał, a Polish officer and musical expert. When Wiera finds out she's pregnant, their love ends in disaster.

Waldemar Krzystek's effort to speak about the Russian occupation from a human, and not political angle, is a step towards a new understanding of the history both nations share. A deeply poetic way of portraying emotion, the use of subtle flashbacks during the "older" Jura's conversations , accompanied by graceful imagery and inspiring music all pave the way for an insightful look into the complicated relationship between two neighbour nations, and show that in the sad times of the Cold War sometimes love was not enough.


Gdynia Film Festival 2008 (Grand Prix)
Gdynia Film Festival 2008 (Best Actress Award for Svetlana Khodchenko)
Gdynia Film Festival 2008 (Polish TV Award)