Przypadek / Blind Chance (Poland, 1981)

directed by Krzysztof Kieœlowski, drama, 122 min, eng subtitles


Witek, a medical student in £ódŸ decides to interrupt his studies and leave for Warsaw, having learnt of his father’s death. He arrives late at the station and from that point three parallel scenarios open (depending on whether he manages to catch the train or not). In the first one he meets a communist official and becomes an activist in a youth organisation. In the second he is stopped by a railway guard, sentenced to penal labour and joins a clndestine opposition movement. In the last one he decides to terminate his studies, gets married and avoids any involvement in politics.
This film, probably the least known by a western Europe audience of Kieslowski’s masterpieces, is a remarkable illustration of the situation in Poland in the early 80’s and of the choices young people were facing then, but it is also an intemporal reflection on chance, fate and free-will.

The film was censored by the communist authorities and was released only in 1987.


Gdynia Film Festival 1987 (Silver Lion and Best Actor)


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