Made in Hungaria (Hungary, 2009)

directed by Gergely Fonyˇ, musical comedy, 109 min, eng subtitles


Miklˇs Feny÷'s parents returned to Communist Hungary in the mid sixties - when everyone else was fleeing to the West. For young Miki, arriving from America sporting a Hawaiian shirt, a perfect quiff and a rebellious streak, life under a dictatorship was going to be tough. Miki's old friends don't know what to make of his outrageous clothes, flawless American accent and collection of original Buddy Holly 45s. His childhood sweetheart is cold and distant while local tough guy R÷nÚ is unmoved by the challenger to his rock 'n' roll crown. But that's not all. When the authorities see the effect Miki's gyrating hips and lewd music have on teenage girls, they just won't stand for it. His father's job is on the line, and, for the first time, Miki must play by the rules. He has no choice but to enter the local talent show - and the rest is rock 'n' roll history.

Music sets you free! So come and dance in the cinema!


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