Kolja / Kolya (Czech Republic, 1996)

directed by Jan Svýrßk, drama, 108 min, fr subtitles


Once a renowned cellist in the august Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, middle-aged bachelor Frantisek Louka now plays funerals at the city crematorium. Occupied by the Russians, Prague is on the eve of the 1989 Velvet Revolution. Louka has no idea that more than political change abounds. The personal revolution he is about to experience is just as unpredictable as the revolution outside his window. His entire life is interrupted when a friendly grave-digger proposes that Louka marry his distant Russian niece who needs Czech papers. No ties. No obligations. Just a signature in exchange for enough money to buy a small car and pay the rent. Resolved to maintain his bachelor lifestyle, Louka refuses. But when the grave-digger's niece turns out to be young and beautiful, he changes his mind. His bride quickly emigrates to Germany to join her lover, leaving behind her six year-old Russian son, Kolya. The young boy is left in Louka's care, inviting the turmoil of the country into his own small apartment.


Academy Awards 1996 (Best Foreign Film)
Czech Lion 1996 (Best Film, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Editing, Best Actress in Leading Role, Best Actor in Supporting Role)
IFF Tokyo 1996 (Tokyo Grand Prize, Best Screenplay)
IFF Madrid 1996 (Best Cinematography, Photogenic Contribution)


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