Kozí příběh – pověsti staré Prahy / Goat Story – The Old Prague Legends (Czech Republic, 2008)

directed by Jan Tománek, 3D animated movie, 80 min, eng subtitles


A story of a friendship between a young villager who arrives in medieval Prague, Jemmy, and his goat. The important conflict comes up when Jemmy falls in love with Katy – a street-wise girl from Prague. Goat is jealous and starts to hate Katy. Jemmy works on the construction of the Charles Bridge, and late he helps Master Hanus who is creating an astronomical clock for the City of Prague. The work with Master Hanus allows Jemmy to meet and date Katy who is a maid in Master Hanus´s house. Having finished the astronomical clock, Master Hanus is blinded by greedy Aldermen who do not want him to be able to create another monumental clock. Blind Master Hanus – with help from Katy – disables the clock but soon afterwards, he dies. If Jemmy wants to save Katy from execution, he must repair and correctly set the astronomical clock as soon as possible. And Goat is always jealous ...