Animated shorts

eng subtitles

Alfonzova mucha/Alfonz's Fly (Slovakia 2008)

directed by Peter Budinský, 7 min

The movie is about prisoner Alfonz and a small fly... brain winning over power, power winning over brain.

Premeny / Metamorphoses (Slovakia 2008)

directed by Lenka Pšenčíková, 8 min

Lyrical animated story about transformation of a little girl into a young woman

Susedy / Neighbours (Slovakia 2008)

directed by Michaela Ošádalová, 7 min

A short animated movie about two old ladies' everlasting disputes and one tom-cat.

O ponožkách a láske / About Socks and Love (Slovakia 2008)

directed by Michaela Čopíková, 7 min

Short movie about an unusual relationship of a man and a woman.

(R)Evolution (Slovakia 2008)

directed by Juraj Kubinec, 7 min

God created the world with remote control and a little help of evolution.

Ichthys (Poland 2005)

directed by Marek Skrobecki, 16 min

Animated puppet film about waiting, hope and fulfilment. The waiter takes the order and leaves. The client waits for hit return. Will the client eat the fish or will the fish devour the client?

Miasto Plynie (Poland 2008)

directed by Balbina Bruszewska, 20 min



A multi-technique and multi-faceted tale about Lódz - the biggest industrial city in Poland in the 19th century and capital of Polish cinematography. This animated documentary shows in a very innovative way the daily lives of the inhabitants, their perception of their city and constitutes also an interesting contribution to the reflection on the theme "Poles after the accession to the EU".