Documentary shorts

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Malá domov / Back passing (Slovakia 2006)

directed by Jaro Vojtek, 29 min

The film tells the story of a Roma boy David, who wants to take part in an international football tournament. What will happen to the team on its way abroad?

Sczesciarze / The Lucky Ones (Poland 2009)

directed by Tomasz Wolski, 26 min

Tomasz Wolski was awarded the prize of public at the last Kraków Film Festival for this moving, a bit nostalgic documentary about the Register Office in Nowa Huta, a part of Kraków. He follows with his camera ordinary people visiting the office for three reasons: registration of newborn babies, marriage or death. Some of the clients are really the lucky ones...

Lenin's Code (PL/RU/FR 2008)

directed by Monika Kotecka, Nikita Sutyrin, Julien Pierrefeu, 12 min

Do the statues of Lenin hide a secret? A mock-umentary-style investigation into the legacy of the USSR's founding father. Part of the Cine-Train project, in which 18 young filmmakers travelled along 9228 km of the Trans-Siberian express from Moscow to Vladivostok asking "Where does Europe end?".