Pokoj v duši / Soul at Peace (Slovakia, 2009)

directed by Vladimír Balko, drama, 97 min, eng subtitles

trailer (SK)
teaser (SK)
title song video (Jana Kirschner)

A story about friendship and betrayal. Tono, an ex-convict, returns home after spending five years in prison for stealing lumber. He comes to his village, Čierny Hron, and sees that everything has changed: he is a stranger to his own wife, he hardly knows his 5-year old son, and he cannot find a decent job because no-one wants to hire a thief. Tono's loyal childhood friends - Marek, a Roman-Catholic priest, and a successful businessman Peter - try to help Tono get back to a normal life. But they also have to deal with their own sorrows, and problems typical of men in their forties. Tono feels lonely and desperately looks for a way out of his problems.

Excellent example of the Central European cooperation in the field of film production. Slovak director working with a Czech scriptwriter (Jiří Křižan) and with Hungarian Slovak (Attila Mokos) and Polish (Robert Więckiewicz) actors in the leading roles. In the domestic market, Soul at Peace is the third most successful Slovak film ever.