Ženy môjho muža / My Husband’s Women (Slovakia/CZ/HU, 2009)

directed by Ivan Vojnár, drama, 85 min, eng subtitles


The film is a reflection on the contemporary life of a married couple who are unable to give love any more. Ageing media star Vera and her husband Daniel live together, but somewhat apart. For a long time their marriage is like a dead-end street. They have reached a point where one period of their lives ends when a young girl Liana enters. Her appearance affects mainly Vera, as she is an embodiment of what disappeared from Vera’s own life, and left her with an overwhelming feeling of emptiness. To continue now means to turn in a new direction, to accept that the notion of a perfect marriage is just an illusion.
The new film by Ivan Vojnár, My Husband’s Women, portrays the fate of a couple in the media spotlight whose lives overlap with several other life stories. This snapshot of intertwined fates provides a testimony to life in a major Central European city, where life’s hectic pace deprives people of their humanity and spiritual values.