Just sex and nothing else / Csak szex és más semmi (Hungary 2005)

Just sex and nothing else Just sex and nothing else

directed by Goda Krisztina, comedy, 97 min, eng subtitles

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What is an attractive, thirty-something woman, fed up with dating but desperate to have a child, to do? This dilemma is certainly shared by many single women of Dóra’s generation in big cities all over the world. Dóra (Judit Schell), a playwright at a Budapest theatre has had it with men after she finds out that her fiancé is married. Listening to her biological clock, Dóra decides to get pregnant through a no-strings-attached affair. She tries Internet dating, and there is no shortage of candidates in her immediate environment either, including Ali, the handsome, bubbly counterboy from the neighbourhood Turkish deli; Péter, the charming but gawky composer; and Tamás, the dashing star of the theatre’s new production.

Budapest Hungarian Film Week 2006 (Best Screenplay, Best Actor)