Other worlds / Iné svety (Slovak Republic 2006)

Other worlds Other worlds

directed by Marko Škop, documentary, 78 min, eng subtitles


Šariš in eastern Slovakia is a very specific border region between Eastern and Western Europe. It is situated between rational individualism of the West and expressive emotionality of the East. The territory has its historical roots in a diverse combination of minorities and religious creeds, which made it grow into a “little Babylon”. This documentary follows the progress of globalization and its effects on individual lives, introducing six different characters representing their respective communities. They include Šarišans, Ruthenians, Jews, and Gypsies. The film explores the last days of traditional diversity in local communities, and seeks the beauty of the original, authentic, and interesting individual. People from the Šariš region are often called the “crazy Easterners“. Other Worlds visits six of them at one of the ends of the world, at an end of the globalized world. They are products “made in Šariš“.

IFF Karlovy Vary 2006 (Audience Award and Special Mention)
Dok-Leipzig 2006 (Talent Taube)
Vienna 2006 (Euro Media Award)