May Day Mayhem! / Csocsó (Hungary 2001)

May Day Mayhem! May Day Mayhem!

directed by Koltai Róbert, comedy, 94 min, eng subtitles


A rapidly developing industrial town, somewhere on the banks of the Danube at the beginning of the fifties. Uncle Csocsó, born Gusztav Csomai, teaches here. He organizes the school ceremonies, watches over the moral behaviour of the soccer-players and does as he pleases. A joyous optimist, Csocsó is always active. He's the kind of man who, in spite of all the teasing and harassment, remains a human being in an inhuman world.

Steel City is about to celebrate the 1st of May. This is no laughing matter, since leading Soviet comrades are going to come to the ceremony. But Comrade Csoma’s behaviour is often more than provocative. At least that’s what Colonel Gubinyi thinks. He sings songs which have been banned and considers solving a private problem more important than participating at the community ceremony, not to mention his other intolerable deviations. But for his old friend, Comrade Pék, who is now the city’s party secretary, nothing can save Csocsó from the most serious punishment. Gubinyi, on the other hand, is very angry with Csocsó for his inability to conform, but he is also jealous, although it is not Csocsó, but the star of the soccer team he should keep an eye on. There is no way he could stop his beautiful wife from going astray, for the marriage has been on the rocks for a very long time ...

Festival of European Film Smiles Mladá Boleslav (Special Award)