Tricks / Sztuczki (Poland 2007)

Tricks Tricks

directed by Andrzej Jakimowski, family, 95 min, eng subtitles


Stefek, 6, believes that a chain of small events he makes happen will let him get closer to his father, who has left his mother for another woman. Stefek's sister Elka, 18, teaches him how to bribe fate with small offerings. At a decisive moment, however, the children have nothing precious to sacrifice. In his game with fate, Stefek decides to raise the stakes once more…

The film is drenched in summer sunlight and mesmerizes the viewer with its calm rhythm of trains coming into and leaving a provincial station, where a lot of the scenes take place. Beautiful cinematography invites us to take in every single moment and live through every emotion, just like we used to do during the summers of our childhood. This warm film with a lot of humour and a pinch of magic is the Polish candidate for the 2008 Oscar awards.

Venice Film Festival 2007 (Best film - Giornate degli Autori/Venice Days section of 64)
Polish Film Festival Gdynia 2007 (Golden Lions for Best film)