Bored in Brno / Nuda v Brně (Czech Republic, 2003)

Bored in Brno Bored in Brno

directed by Vladimír Morávek, romantic comedy, 103 min, eng subtitles

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A comedy where anything can happen when it is for the first time... In spite of the title, you won’t be bored.... Two young and backward people, Standa and Olinka, meet at an athletics championship. As they do not live in the same town, they exchange letters every day. After a year of being pen friends only, Olinka writes: Standa, come this Saturday for dinner, and you can sleep over if you'd like to. They invest great hope in the upcoming meeting, and the chance of spending the night together greatly excites the two heroes. It is the first time for both of them. A number of friends and relatives advise them on how to go about it, and stories of other couples longing for love and sex start to unfold. Brother Jarda teaches Standa to put on a condom and together they investigate an anatomy book. Female neighbours in her apartment building also offer Olinka some advice - each, of course, according to her own experience. Everything is going according to the plan until Olinka's mother unexpectedly returns home. Olinka handles the situation in an original way and, despite all obstacles, achieves her desired goal in the end.... This comedy, full of tasteful wit about sex and erotica, is not only about how women and men love. Above all else, it is a touching tale of the desire for love.... Bored in Brno is one of the most curious debuts in contemporary Czech cinema - awarded at several festivals (including five Czech Lions), popular with cinemagoers as well as film critics, written by an actor and shot by a 38-year old film debutant already with a flourishing career in theatre.

The title of the film also plays with the concept of small and big events in human life - it takes place in one hot and lazy summer day, and the only ‘big’ event is consummated sex between two young people, the main characters Olinka and Standa, who are in love with each other and spend their first night together despite circumstances. With this concept, undermining the significance of ‘official’ history in the lives of ordinary people, Morávek goes back to the poetics of Czech New Wave with its emphasis on interpersonal relationships in the scope of common everyday situations, communication gaps, awkwardness and irony.

Czech Lion 2003 (Best Movie, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Editing)