March Caresses / Marcowe Migdały (Poland 1989)

March Caresses March Caresses

directed by Radosław Piwowarski, historical, 89 min, eng subtitles


The heroes of the film are students at a school in the provinces somewhere in Poland. They experience youthful emotions, first loves, family troubles, school friendships. Suddenly the dirty side of politics enters their lives: the communist regime is “cleansing” Poland of Jews. One of their friends, Marcyś – must leave the country.

Although the impulse to start the anti-Semitic campaign stemmed from a rivalry between various factions in the government apparatus, its deplorable effects touch all of society. The anti-Semitic propaganda aimed at “agents of Zionism” bears poisonous fruit, creating an atmosphere of collective aggression. Piwowarski’s film paints the absurdity and meanness of these political machinations from the perspective of a small town. A film showing another side of the events of 1968 behind the iron curtain.

International Cultural Forum award (1990)