Wrong Side Up / Příběhy obyčejného šílenství (Czech Republic, 2005)

Wrong Side Up Wrong Side Up

directed by Petr Zelenka, comedy, 107 min, eng subtitles


Peter is a young man who should have his life firmly under control. However, he finds himself in the midst of absurd situations which steadily ruin his love life and a promising career as an air traffic controller. His life has certainly seen some downfalls. From working at the navigation tower to driving a fork-lift truck at the airport cargo terminal. From having a relationship with a beloved Jana to a position of a well-paid voyeur watching neighbours who ‘require’ viewers when they are having sex. Peter’s parents are not exactly everyday people either. His mother is obsessed with charity and sends worn-out clothes all around the globe to help victims of wars and natural disasters. His father, who used to read voice-over commentaries to cinema news in the good old communist times, is touchingly lost in the new historical set up. One random phone call and a little black magic set off the wheel of absurdity of everyday situations and ‘ordinary madness’ spinning.

Moscow IFF 2005 (Russian Film Critics’ Award)