Half-life / Polčas rozpadu (Slovak Republic 2007)

Half-life Half-life

directed by Vlado Fischer, drama/comedy, 100 min., eng subtitles


A tragicomedy from modern city life about the disintegration of relationships, lack of security, the break-up of a marriage, and the disappearance of basic decency. Viktor, a man in his forties, in his “worst years”, happens to save a young woman from committing suicide. As it turns out, the saved woman is a photographer and she was not trying to take her own life. Rather, she was taking a picture of herself reflected on the surface of the Danube. Viktor falls in love with her, while his wife Karla seeks refuge in drinking, in the arms of her obsetrician-gynaecologist friend, and in her visits to the local medium. Viktor gets entangled in the unbalanced relationship with the aggressive young woman, yet it does not help him find lost youth. It is a dark comedy about people in their forties who now have money, still listen to rock’n’roll, and have switched drugs for mobile phones.

9th IFF Bratislava 2007 (Audience Award)
National Film Awards “The sun in a net“ 2008 (Nominations for Best Actress T. Pauhofová, Best Cinematography, Best Sound, Best Music)